How to replace an office chair gas lift / Gas Office Chair Cylinder Replacement

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July 26, 2018

How to replace an office chair gas lift cylinder

Gas lift on your chair keep sinking? Read on to find out how to replace an office chair gas lift today.

Our gas lifts/gas struts come as a complete sealed unit and replace the old unit in total

At the base the gas lift fits into the centre hole of the 5 star base of the chair and wedges itself in place; there is no screw or clips. At the tip the gas lift fits into the centre hole of the lever mechanism which is bolted to the underside of the seat base.

How to remove a gas lift from office chair

Old office chair gas cylinder stuck? 

Although only wedged in place the old gas lift can become quite stuck over time. Although the mechanism on the underside of the seat should lift off the gas lift relatively easily, they can get stuck with time.

If it is ‘stuck’ you will need to persevere as it will eventually ‘wedge’ free. Usually,  it is freeing the 5 star base that causes most problems. Try using some lubricant such as WD40 or washing up liquid and then, from beneath, tap the underside of the old gas lift with a soft mallet (so as not to damage the 5 star base) until ‘pops out’.

How to fit your new office chair gas lift

Office chair gas cylinder replacement  – How to change cylinder

To replace an office chair gas lift, place the new gas lift into the centre hole of the 5 star base (50mm end) then align the centre hole of the lever mechanism (bolted to the underside of the chair) to the top of the gas lift (button end) and gently drop into place.

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That’s it. Not sure about chair gas cylinder sizes? If you require any further assistance on how to replace your office chair gas lift, please email us at 

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Did you know? Our replacement gas lift cylinders are actually heavy duty tested. Most gas lifts are only tested to the standard 145kgs, BiMi Gas Lifts are heavy duty tested up to 250kgs!

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